Your Right to Rectification

Your Right to Rectification As a data subject you have the right to rectification i.e. a data controller must correct any information they hold concerning you which is incorrect. You might want to do this if you discover through an access request that a data controller doesn’t have a correct record of your address. The […]

Your Right to Information

Your Right to Information As a data subject you have the right to be provided with a comprehensive amount of information about any processing of personal data concerning you. This information must be in plain language and easy to understand. This right is set out in Articles 12, 13 and 14 of the GDPR. The […]

Your Right of Access

Your Right of Access As a data subject you have the right to ask for information from an organisation about whether or not it holds any personal data which concerns you. If the organisation does hold personal data concerning you then you have the right to access that data, be provided with a copy of […]

Your Rights

Your Rights The rights of individuals are the core of the GDPR. Most of your data protection rights are listed and explained in Chapter 3 of the GDPR. There are also some other rights you have which are located elsewhere in the GDPR. Jump to a list of all articles in this section You have […]