The Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation will dissolve in:

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Many questions about the Commission’s working methods and conclusions are unanswered. If the Commission dissolves on February 28th as scheduled the possibility of answers will disappear with it.

The Social Democrats are bringing a motion to the Dáil this week to extend the Commission’s term for one year. Some TDs from government parties have indicated they would like a free vote on this.

What you can do right now is email your TDs – especially those from government parties – and insist they extend the Commission’s term.

If you’d prefer to write your own email then you can find a list of TDs in your constituency on the Oireachtas website.


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Article Eight Advocacy is collaborating with students of the Irish Human Rights Centre at NUI Galway to provide resources for survivors to use as they attempt to access personal information.

We’ll be publishing guides and templates over the next month in advance of the Commission of Investigation’s store of records transferring to the Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.