Fundamentals of data protection

This is the fundamentals section. You can pick up the basics of data protection without any of jargon here.
We recommend starting with ‘What’s a data subject anyway?’, which also explains what personal data and data processing are.
‘Who’s who in data protection terms?’ shows you the relationship between the data subject (you), data controllers, and the Data Protection Commission. The roles of a few other people you might come across such as a Data Protection Officer are also explained on this page.
Data protection and privacy are frequently confused. If you’re not entirely sure how to tell them apart then ‘What’s the difference between privacy and data protection’ has you covered.
A brief introduction to how data protection law and supervision works and evolves is outlined in ‘How data protection works in Europe’.
Data Protection Fundamentals (basics, definitions and more …)
Your Rights (all your rights – access, information, rectification and more …)
In More Detail (more detailed explorations and explanations of data protection concepts …)
Keeping Track (tracking Subject Access Requests and complaints to Supervisory Authorities …)