What is this site?

This website is an information resource for data subjects in Ireland. It’s produced by Article Eight Advocacy, a not for profit organisation which advocates for data subject rights.

You can find out more about Article Eight Advocacy below, or even more at article8.ie.

How you can help

We want to build up a collection of examples of good and bad practice from data controllers when individuals are exercising their data protection rights.

We also want to keep track of complaints made to the Data Protection Commission so we all have a good idea of the time that’s being taken to process them and what decisions are being made.

If you’d like to help and share your experience – good or bad – of trying to exercise your rights, drop us an email (info [at] article8.ie) or get in touch on Twitter.

Article Eight Advocacy is an independent not for profit organisation which advocates for data subject rights in Ireland. We support data subjects by using all the tools available to us to ensure their fundamental right to protection of their personal data is respected.

We do this by providing easy to understand information on what data protection means for individuals on our datasubject.ie website, submitting complaints to the Data Protection Commission on behalf of individuals and managing the progress of these, initiating litigation where necessary, and carrying out research to uncover misuses of personal data.


Data Protection Fundamentals (basics, definitions and more …)
Your Rights (all your data protection rights: access, information, rectification and more …)
In More Detail (explorations and explanations of data protection concepts …)
Keeping Track (tracking Subject Access Requests and complaints to Supervisory Authorities …)