Finding your way around

This site is divided up into four main areas. These are Data Protection Fundamentals, Your Rights, In More Detail and Keeping Track. They’ll obviously overlap at times. There’s a little bit more detail on each of these below.

Data Protection Fundamentals

There’s a lot of poor quality information out there about data protection. There’s a lot of uninformed opinion about what data protection is, and what it isn’t. There’s a lot of guidance available for data controllers, but not so much for data subjects – that’s you. We’d like to make sure you have as much information as you need to understand and act when you need to.

Your Rights

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You have an extensive set of rights under European data protection law. This section explains what these rights are, what they mean for you in practice and how you can go about exercising them.

In More Detail

The articles in this section explore and explain some of the concepts of data protection in a bit more depth. Not just what the law says, but how the law applies in the real world. Some common misconceptions and areas of confusion are cleared up here too.

Keeping Track

We aim to keep track over time of how easy it is for data subjects to exercise their rights – particularly the right of access, as without it many of the other rights are rendered useless. We hope to build and publish a collection of Data Subject Access Requests, the responses to these from data controllers and how these are dealt with by the complaints mechanism of the Data Protection Commission.


Data Protection Fundamentals (basics, definitions and more …)
Your Rights (all your data protection rights: access, information, rectification and more …)
In More Detail (explorations and explanations of data protection concepts …)
Keeping Track (tracking Subject Access Requests and complaints to Supervisory Authorities …)