In More Detail

This is the index page of the In More Detail section. You can find more comprehensive information on a range of data protection issues and concepts which might affect you here.

The right to information and the right of access are two of the most important data protection rights you have, because they are necessary to unlock other rights such as your right to object, correct your information and request your information be deleted.

In ‘More about your Right to Information’ we cover what information you must be provided with by any business or other organisation which is processing your personal data.

‘The history and importance of the Right of Access’ covers just that, while ‘The Subject Access Request process: how it should work’ explains how you can go about requesting access to your personal data.

In Europe data protection law is based on a set of principles which any entity that processes your personal data must abide by. These are explained in ‘What the data protection principles mean for you’.

Many people mistakenly think that personal data can only be processed with consent. In fact consent is only one of six lawful bases under which personal data can be processed. ‘Lawful basis: a short introduction’ has more on this.


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Your Rights (all your data protection rights: access, information, rectification and more …)
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Keeping Track (tracking Subject Access Requests and complaints to Supervisory Authorities …)