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As we aim to update this site regularly, you’ll be able to find all the latest additions and updates here.

September 12th 2020

πŸ“„ We added a page to this website with information on data protection rights – and how to exercise them – for Leaving Certificate 2020 students.

πŸ“„ We made a submission to the Health Information and Quality Authority’s public consultation on its Recommendations on the Implementation of a National Electronic Patient Summary in Ireland. You can read our submission in full here (direct link to PDF on the Article Eight Advocacy website).

July 15th 2020

We updated the DPC entry on the GDPRHub wiki administered by NOYB to include details of the two fines the DPC issued to Tusla earlier this year.

May 15th 2020

Two new additions to the Keeping Track section.

πŸ“„ A Decision by the DPC which makes clear a phone company has to tell a subscriber, if asked as part of a Subject Access Request, whether or not retained data was accessed by the police unless the phone company can show actual prejudice to prevention, detection or investigation of offences.

πŸ“„ A High Court judgment which shows the length of time which can be taken for formal Decisions to be issued by the DPC, and that a decision by the DPC does not in any way prevent a data subject from taking further action against a data controller, in this case a claim for liability.

February 28th 2020

πŸ”—Added an external link to the EDPB website on the ‘Your Right to Object to Automated Processing’ page in the Your Rights section. This link details a sanction issued by the Finnish data protection authority to a data controller for failing to provide meaningful logic about the way the creditworthiness of users was being determined.

February 18th 2020

πŸ”— Added an external link to ‘Ground Control to Farmer Tom’ to our ‘What the data protection principles mean for you’ page. This blog post from Castlebridge provides a good explanation of the principle of purpose limitation.

February 15th 2020

πŸ“„ Added a new page ‘Lawful basis: a short introduction’ to the In More Detail section.

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